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Community Puzzle Colored Pieces

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The Community Puzzle is great for team building, parties, wedding guestbooks and so much more. The Community Puzzle can be as small or as big as needed for any size group of people.

We are often asked if we sell the puzzle with colored center pieces. The answer is no.  However, there is a fast and easy way to make the pieces look professionally colored using spray paint.  The blank puzzle pieces come to you with a semi-gloss surface. When you buy a satin or gloss spray paint the painted surface is very similar to the white when dry.


Here is the puzzle as it comes out of the package (we made it smaller for easier photographing).


Take the color(s) you want to make your pieces and spray the pieces. Allow them to dry completely before decorating. Note: When you spray paint your puzzle pieces you will end up with a gloss finish. This gloss finish is best decorated with permanent markers (like Sharpie's).

Final note: Spray painting the inside pieces of the community puzzles can state specific designations or topics. It can make certain pieces really stand out or add emphasis.

When handing out the center (inside) puzzle pieces of your community puzzle to your group make sure that each piece is at an identical angle. We recommend that the inner pieces aim up and to the right, that way all the pieces will aim in the same direction and not get twisted when the puzzle is assembled.


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