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Community Puzzle With A Painted Black Border

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This post was initiated by questions on how to color the border on a Community Puzzle.

We find that making a black or solid color border on the Community Puzzle makes the inside decorated pieces really pop!

For this project you will need:

Remember that spray paints and adhesives dry faster in warmer environments. Please follow the cans directions for spray methods and conditions. 

Note: This project needs to be done in a well-ventilated area due to the noxious fumes that spray paints produce.

The image above shows my full puzzle. Once I laid it out I took out the six center pieces and got ready to spray just the border.


I sprayed the border evenly and let it dry completely. I then placed the white center pieces in so you can see how the painted border makes them pop. It is now time to get our group to decorate the center!


Final Notes:

This project shows a six by two inside pieces puzzle. Community Puzzles can be made into any size you wish. There have been team building events that have made puzzles that were over 10,000 pieces! The one I just created here is 16 inches across by 12 inches high. The limit to how large or how small you want the Community Puzzle to become depends on your needs and the number of puzzle sets you purchase.


When handing out the center (inside) puzzle pieces of your community puzzle to your group make sure that each piece is at an identical angle. We recommend that the inner pieces aim up and to the right, that way all the pieces will aim in the same direction and not get twisted when the puzzle is assembled.


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