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Solid Coloring vs. Open Designs on Community Puzzle Pieces

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There are a couple of ways to decorate your puzzle pieces. Some people like the look of pieces that are completely decorated on the entire surface. Decorating puzzle pieces in this way creates a flow within puzzle from piece to piece. The image below shows the three pieces on the top section illustrating that style of decorating. It is quite dynamic.

The other way to decorate is a more open free-form style (bottom three puzzle pieces show this). This style is where you have lots of open space on the piece and non-connected design elements. It makes for a lighter design and has less flow to it.

If you like the look of one or the other you might tell the participants and decorators your plan. That way you can end up with the look  you are after!

Decoration Notes: From Sharpies to crayons, from spray paints to watercolors, brush on glues to spray adhesives most mediums will work on these blank puzzles. You can add and use other embellishments like stickers, rubber stamp images, jewels, mini figurines, and more. Just about anything you can think of adding to these puzzles will work wonderfully!


When handing out the center (inside) puzzle pieces of your community puzzle to your group make sure that each piece is at an identical angle. We recommend that the inner pieces aim up and to the right, that way all the pieces will aim in the same direction and not get twisted when the puzzle is assembled.


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