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Field Trip Activity Using a Community Puzzle

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This field trip activity can be done while the class is on the field trip or as a classroom activity after the children get back from one. It can be used to reinforce what they learned on the trip in a creative way.

The Community Puzzle can be made into any size that you need.

You can decorate the puzzles with a variety of coloring methods including crayons, markers, various paints (finger, acrylic, watercolor, pearlescent {a metallic paint}), rubber stamping, glitter glue, colored pencils, metallic pens, spray paints, and many more. You can also use glue to adhere various items like mini figurines, beads, seeds, string or yarn.The only limitation is your imagination!


We chose a field trip to the Monterey Bay Aquarium for this blog.  Though this project is versatile for various school field trips from zoos, museums, to local government office field trips.

Give each student (or person decorating a puzzle piece) a puzzle piece with the instructions to keep their piece at an identical angle. We recommend that the inner pieces aim up and to the right, that way all the pieces will aim in the same direction and not get twisted when the puzzle is assembled.


The final puzzle can be brought out later in the year to remember what was learned or it can be displayed on the wall as a semi-permanent decor. These puzzles are easily mounted onto foam core, stiff cardboard or wood.


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