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Reducing and Expanding the Community Puzzle

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The Community Puzzle can be any size needed. If you have a group of 1 or a group of 10,000, the puzzle can expand and contract to fit! The puzzle piece design is the reason this puzzle is so flexible. The large center pieces are all the same shape.

The center puzzle pieces measure 4 inches by 4 inches, the edge pieces measure 2 inches by 4 inches, and the corner puzzle pieces measure 1 inch by 1 inch.

You are welcome to use the puzzle as it is shown above or you can begin to customize it. Below is an image showing the puzzle as small as it can go- One center piece with a border.

Below is an image of a puzzle shown with six center pieces and a border.

The Community Puzzle below took two sets (with 48 center pieces), which left us with extra edge and corner pieces. Extra pieces can be handy for testing pens, pencils, lost pieces etc. Hang onto them until after the project is over and then feel free to toss them or recycle them.

How Big Is Your Group?

How many Community Puzzle sets do you need?  There are multiple of ways to figure this out, but first you need to make some choices. Do you want one piece per person?  If you have a huge group (100+) your puzzle is going to get pretty big, pretty fast. Perhaps one piece per division/department can be more practical. 

For weddings where you might have 300 guests, it can be better to hand out one piece per family or couple. That can shrink the puzzle down to a more manageable size.

Smart Math: Once you know the number of pieces we highly recommend you do your math using the center pieces only (ignore the borders and corners). Each set contains 24 center pieces.  If you need 75 pieces you would buy 3 sets.  75 divided by 24 = 3 (with three extra center pieces). The extra borders and corners are handy to test out pens, pencils and are 100% recyclable.

Physical Size: The center pieces of the Community Puzzle are 4" x 4". If you decide to do a puzzle that is 10 pieces high x 10 pieces wide (100 center pieces), that is going to be 40" x 40" just for the centers. Then add on an extra 2" on each side for the border. The finished puzzle will be 44" x 44" (just under four feet).


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