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Figurines and Community Puzzles

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As a team building activity, community puzzles are very versatile.

You can add department names, customer service functions, department functions, descriptive words, or other pertinent points onto the puzzle pieces using post-its, stickers, writing implements (markers, colored pencils, and paints all work great), figurines and more. Just about anything you could use on a concept board, you can use on a Community Puzzle.

When handing out the center (inside) puzzle pieces of your community puzzle to your group make sure that each piece is at an identical angle. We recommend that the inner pieces have the nibs up and to the right. This way all the pieces will aim in the same direction and not get twisted when the puzzle is assembled.

First figure out how many pieces will be needed by making a list of bullet points for your team building activity.  Make sure that you have enough center pieces.

With this team building puzzle, we worked on a product and customer service theme.

We added stickers for the different departments.


Then mini figurines were added.  Small figures were placed to show the company workers and slightly larger mini figurines were added as the customers that we wished to sell to.


Arrow stickers were added to show the communication and dependence of each department and concept.


The finished team building project turned out wonderfully and the concepts help each department to work together easier.

Since the pieces are all the same shape you can easily move the pieces around to show the different possible flows within the organization.

Note: All sorts of glues work well with the puzzles. They are topped with paper so glues & tapes all stick really well.


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