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Instruction Sheet 



Puzzle Piece At The Page Bottom- This piece is labeled with top, bottom, right and left. We suggest copying this puzzle piece as often as you like, so each person can have a chance to practice their artwork, or try different ideas. This practice piece will also keep everyone's artwork oriented so none of the pieces will be upside down when you put The Community Puzzle together. Use the white side of the puzzle piece for the artwork. Encourage everyone to use the whole surface of their puzzle piece, including the "nibs". This will help each piece flow into the next when assembled.



One Set Planning Diagram At The Page Bottom- We thought you would like to see the full layout of the puzzle. This layout shows one possible configuration using only one set. The puzzle can be turned either way or pieces can be added or left out to alter the shape. The Community Puzzle can be made as large as you want. Simply keep adding center pieces until you reach the desired size or number of pieces needed. When using more than one set you will end up with extra border and corner pieces- just recycle them or use them for testing out pens, paints etc.

One good plan is to make the border pieces all one color, but if you want to include artwork on them, you will need to plan the correct orientation, including how many of each style of border pieces you need for your planned layout. Just trace around each style to create your own practice pieces. Be sure to label the top. Note that while all 4 corner pieces are alike, each corner is rotated differently, and that there are 2 styles of border. One has a nib on the one long side and the other has a pocket on the one long side.



Art Materials Testing- If you are only using 1 set then you may want to purchase or request a sample piece to be sent to you. If you are using more than 1 set then you should have plenty of extra corner and border pieces to test your pens, pencils and paint. We suggest using quality permanent markers, but any markers, crayons, colored pens, or pencils will work. Sometimes extra dry time is required with water based mediums. Various paints give nice results but they can be messy! You can also experiment with gluing beads, pieces of colored paper, collage, glitter etc. onto the pieces. Whatever you use to decorate your puzzle pieces be sure to test your methods without wasting any of your actual center puzzle parts.



Proudly Display Your Community Puzzle- Once completed, you may want to permanently display your completed puzzle. Depending on the size of the puzzle or how permanently you want to make the display, there are different ways to go. You can use white glue on the back to mount the pieces onto posterboard, craft paper, cardboard. If the puzzle is quite large it might be best to go with a sheet of plywood. The best way to mount the puzzle is to put down a sheet of posterboard and assemble your puzzle face down. The apply the glue and place your mounting board on top. Then carefully flip your puzzle over and make sure the puzzles are perfectly aligned and pressed down. Note: don't use too much glue or it will leak through to the front.

These puzzles would make an excellent wall decoration in a business or corporate setting. In this case using a white glue onto masonite or plywood would be best. You can leave a few puzzle pieces out so you can screw the wood to the wall. Once attached you can put the pieces in to hide the screw heads.



Preserving Your Completed Puzzle- If your puzzle will be on display for a long time or if some of the materials used to decorate the puzzle can wear off you might consider sealing it. On of the best sealers out there is a Krylon UV protectant. The spray will protect the surface and cut down on fading. Be sure to follow the directions on the can. You can also use one of the commercial puzzle coating materials sold for regular jigsaw puzzles. Be sure to test whatever material you are using on a test puzzle piece- you don't want to have an adverse reaction between the coating and the materials you used to decorate your pieces!


Sample Puzzle Piece

(If printed out at the correct size the piece should be 5 inches left to right. If you run into sizing issues you may want to choose to print from the PDF file instead of off the web page. Make sure your printer is not set to "scale to fit"!)



Possible Layout Planning Diagram




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